An interesting complication in Warhammer

It turns out there may be some major contributions to the constant allegations that healers don’t heal (and other classes don’t do… whatever) in Warhammer.

It seems that only the caster can see the animation for the heal.  The target only gets the little green number(s) in the midst of everything else.  And everybody else sees… maybe, the healer waving arms, but often just standing staring forward.

Some have noted that when they’re getting nuked by at least some spells they don’t see animations either – just their health bar going down.  If they happen to be engaged with a DPS class it can lead to doing the wrong defensive moves – to include standing instead of moving to break LOS.

I can’t verify either of these (yet).  But the number of posters who’ve said, “Hey, me too” to this discovery leads me to believe at least the healing issue is legit.

If I can’t see the healer tossing heals to anyone, then it makes more sense for me to be yelling about healers not doing their jobs.  Worse, if I’m trying to figure out which healer is healing me, or if there are enough heals going into the tank to make it worth my getting stuck in support in that cluster…  bleah.

I know Mythic doesn’t read this, so I’ll ask those Warhammer players reading to check if this is a problem in their system, and if so to send a bug report.

~ by Kirk on September 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “An interesting complication in Warhammer”

  1. […] at Priestly Endeavors notes that some healers are getting yelled at for their apparent lack of activity. WAR is a frenetic experience in RvR and scenarios, and anyone […]

  2. Many of the heals are also HoTs — so a player taking damage just thinks they are taking less damage. DoTs are also pretty common, so sometimes the DoTs/HoTs just work to cancel each other.

    I had a Swordmaster come up to me the other day in a scenario and ask for a heal. I’d already put two hots on him and brought him from 20% to 75%. Go figure.

  3. two words: combat log.

  4. I play a shaman and I bust my butt to heal as much as I can, almost exclusively in public rvr and scenerios. I think part of the problem here is in the game setup. I have heard (speculation) that there is a memory leak in warhammer which is producing some lag or chopping issues for a bunch of players. I experience it especially in close combat bulk situations like you would find in rvr. Just to clarify my machine more than exceeds the minimum requirements listed on the game. Lack of memory, ISP issues, and other could contribute to this issue but my point is this… Lots of players have to turn their game video and audio settings down to bare minimum levels in order to enjoy the play. There are settings in game to allow you to see casting animations for a number of choices including, all/party only/self only/etc. I think probably lots of people have these settings turned off or way down making them not see the spell animations. Most likely a vast majority of melee type players especially who are constantly in big groups of players which works the system they are on. Lastly as a side note, it seems that healing masses mainly but even single targets is complicated as many of us are used to our /addons crutch =) Learning to find and use the proper rotations, gear, skills, talents should fix this I hope.

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