Pondering Warhammer stats for WPDK

Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine, for those who haven’t read the earlier posts.  Anyway… I was playing with some of the stats and effect numbers for this class.  Basically, what do you pick by preference?

In this article I’m looking at one pair – Strength vs Willpower – and looking solely under one consideration: healing.  Note again this has no application for the other healer pairs.  Only this class has the damage=>healing mechanism.

Inevitably the answer boils down to “it depends.”  The question that should be asked next is, “It depends on what?”  To begin, it depends on how much you plan to (or your play uses) the d=>h mechanism spells.  I am going to assume the answer is “a lot”, however.  Both careers get one of these at level 6, one at 8, and one at 30.  There’s also a tactic picked up at 11+1 (11 points, plus one to purchase the tactic) on one path of mastery.  Focusing solely on this path and picking up none of the other skills or talents makes this possible at level 27.  More likely it’s a later selection (if taken at all).  The first consideration I’ll use, then, is “assuming you’re level 10, which is better?”

The level 6 (L6) skill heals one target for 50% of damage taken, with a base damage of 75.  With no cooldown it can be cast every 1.5 seconds (GCD).  The level 8 (L8) skill heals one target for 250% of damage taken and has an 8 second cooldown.  This skill’s base damage is a bit different as it hits 1-4 times over three seconds for 75 per hit.

In a perfect and exclusive environment (using no other heals, buffs, or attacks) the normal pattern would be to cast five 6 and one 8, alternating.  Pause on this a moment as we look at what the stats add.

Strength adds damage at a DPS rate of STR/5.  Willpower adds healing at an HPS rate of WP/5.  So we can get a whole number for calculation, let us have 5 STR or WP.  OK, let’s generate some numbers.

L6 (base) = (.5 * 75)/1.5 = 25 HPS.  (that is, 50% of 75 damage, divided by the applicable time to get the per second effect.  This is the last time I’ll explain this mechanism, though it’s going to get used a lot.)

L8 (base) = (2.5 * ((75+150+225+300)/4)/3 = 156.28 HPS. (OK, one more explain.  1-4 hits of 75 each, averaged.)

Average sustained HPS = (5*25 + 156.28) / 10.5 = 26.79 HPS.  Wheeeeee.

Add 5 STR (1 DPS, notionally 1.5 damage to L6 and .75 damage to L8)

L6 (str) = (.5 * 76.5)/1.5 = 25.5.  L8 (str) = (2.5 * (757.50)/4)/3 = 157.8125.

Avg (str) = (5*25.5 + 157.8125)/10.5 = 27.12 HPS.  5 STR will increase our (perfect) healing by 0.33 HPS.

Let’s do WillPower.

L6 (WP) = L6 Base + 1 = 26 HPS.  L8 (WP) = L8 Base +1 = 157.28 HPS.

Avg (WP) = (5*26 + 157.28)/10.5 = 27.36.  Our net increase is 0.57 HPS.

Yes, I fooled you a bit.  The real answer is: if you intend to maximize healing ability, add Willpower.

In this game you never want to add just one thing.  Focusing solely upon WP will make you a glass, er, bandage.  Your healing will be quite good, but your lack of toughness and wounds, not to mention the various dodges and parries, will make you very, very vulnerable to attack.  (I will point out that by going nuts in WP your disruption rate for spells will be phenomenal.  The problem is when spells DO get through, you’re toast.)

I have no idea, yet, what the perfect balance might be.  But for healing, it’s better to add + heal than + dps.

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on September 28, 2008.

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