Priestly Pain

Heads up, Rune Priests and Zealots – a recent patch made you more vulnerable.  Actually, it removed an exploit, but still…

Used to be, if you used Grimnier’s Shield/Embrace the Warp AND a tank put you on guard, you took zero damage.  Unlike a lot of other things that are multiplicative, the two 50% reductions in damage were additive.  (ummm, in othe words:  most things would do 50%, then 50% of that, so you’d still take 25%.)  The situation still isn’t “normal”.  Instead, you cannot use the self-buff if you’re guarded, and cannot get guarded if you’re using the self-buff.

Not known right now is if it’s an over-write or a failed action.

~ by Kirk on September 30, 2008.

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