A small wish about drops

I wish…  That mobs would use their drops when it’s Good Stuff.

Yes, a corollary is that you don’t see wolves bearing heavy plate armor, or squirrels carrying rocket launchers, or…  (Yeah, that’s hyperbole.  I think.)

Look, when kobold Murphy with his pick gets killed and I pull a Purple Hammer of Booyah off him, I go into total disbelief.  Yes, I can see him not using the Whippy Wand of Braided Necromancy – class restrictions and all of that.  But seriously, if the mob is carrying something it CAN use which is better than what it IS using, why isn’t it using it?

A parallel issue is the question of why I can’t have what the Big Mob is using.  I mean sure, some of it may be broken during combat.  Or soulbound.  Or some other such ‘excuse’.  But generally, if I’m facing a mob that’s using a glowy sword and I kill it and the glowy sword is still laying there, why can I not pick it up to use or sell as applicable?

Yeah, it’s more work for the programmers.  SERIOUSLY more work.  And it could lead to some hilarious events.  (“Holy sh…  Hey, Guildies, I need some help killing these kobolds.  One of them has a fricking BLUE WEAPON!”  … and for the next week hundreds of level 70s are farming kobolds in the lowbie zone…)

I still want it.

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on October 6, 2008.

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