My,  it’s dusty in here (grin).

No, I’m not “back”.  I just dropped by to do a bit of housecleaning and noticed I’ve had a bunch of people still dropping by.  Hi, be welcome, but be aware I’ve not freshened anything since I quit playing WoW.  That was (as of this post, which is likely to last a while) well over a year ago – around October of 2008.

The point is that while everything I wrote was to the best of my knowledge at the time, it’s probably just a wee bit different now, what with one or two major expansions and a LOT of lesser patches being done.  If what I’ve written is still of use, you’re welcome.  I ask only that you be cautious with something that old.

Oh, yes, and don’t expect me to drop by to converse very often.  Life isn’t stagnant, and while I enjoyed WoW and I may someday do so again, now is different.



~ by Kirk on December 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Achoo”

  1. Heyas, Kirk what needs a nickname!

  2. Huh. Thought you’d gone into the west by now. Heyas yourself, and welcome.

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