Is this thing on?

Hi, I’m back. Sorta. Not WoW, sorry. Finances and time preclude. I almost started another blog for this, in fact, but I’ve got a little bit of a reputation here so…

I’m going to try something and would like to document the attempt in semi-live time. The game is Eve Online. The short-term goal: earn enough while playing a trial account to pay for the next month’s account – and keep that up while I continue to play.

The simple outline goes this way. Eve Online offers a trial account of 14 days. They also have a 21 day trial account; an existing account can issue a buddy offer to another player.

A month of play costs $14.95. Yes, for some that’s a pittance. However, I’m in a situation where I have to be tight with my money – that amount pretty much kills my “fun” budget for the month. Besides, there’s this challenge.

See, you can purchase a month in-game. A player can buy a month supply, go into the game, and offer it for sale. Right now the prices are running between 450M and 550M ISK. (ISK: InterStellar Kredits, the unit of exchange within the game). The last time I had a trial account I fiddled around, did a little money stuff on the side, and had 20M ISK over ten days – of which I only played about six.

Yeah. 20 is a bit short of 550, or even 450. It’s a challenge.

Part of the work is done. I’m not a good PVP so that route’s out – even if it were likely. And it’s not, not at the start, not when I’m flying low level stuff against other good gear players. PVE is a nice solid route but it’s too slow. Mining and various industrials are like PVE (with one possible exception I’ll mention in a moment).

ugh. I’m wasting your time. Let me get down to tacks.

I will see if I can get an ingame player to send me one buddy trial. I will then run that account through one set of beginner tutorials in each of the four factions: Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari, and Amnar. That’s 50 missions in each place. I’m going to wind up with a range of supplies, several ships I will need to move or dispose of, and money. I will also increase standing with all the main factions.

With the exception of the exploration series, each set of ten takes less than an hour to complete. Exploration can take as short a time or it can take forever, it depends on skill with the scanner probes. Regardless I should be able to finish a region in five to six hours of play – call it two days apiece at worst. That gets me to ~100M ISK (yes, that much) at the end of day 8 – or more likely day 7.

It took me three days of casual play to double that amount. I need to double it twice at least. It is tight at that point for the two week trial, easy for the three week trial. I’m going to be doing region hauling and station trading at one of the second tier trade hubs – something like Agil or Nourvukaiken. Which actual hub? Well, I’m still figuring the details – this is still planning stage.

I also I mentioned I was going to try one set of production, but I need to do a bit of research first. I’m going to see about setting up a Planetary Interaction (PI) base. As a trial account I’m limited to the smallest which means it’s not going to generate lots of income. That said it looks like it’ll do enough to make some difference. Even better it’s income that requires minimal action from me – not quite absentee landlord, but close.

Last thing before I close. I’m going to keep a full and open journal. I am aware that this may screw me as anybody playing can see what I’m buying, what I’m selling, and grief me. The thing is, even if they do I’ll learn. The only thing I won’t do during the trial is to tell you my name – I only need it to last for a short time. But I’ll tell what mission I did where, what happened, how much ISK I got for what equipment, and so forth.

If it fails, well, I’m no worse off. If it succeeds, however, I might wind up writing a guide or two – doing what I did here for WoW.

So hi, all, whoever is still there.

~ by Kirk on August 26, 2012.

One Response to “tap-tap-tap”

  1. This is why I always move defunct blogs to the “Inactive” folder of my feed reader instead of deleting them.

    Good to see you up again, you old fluggernubber. Eve’s not my game, but I’m still interested to see how your project turns out. Best of luck with it!

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