PI road closed for now

The planetary interaction I mentioned last post looks really good but has a major road block, one that makes it unavailable till I get past the trial barrier. See, you have to carry the equipment to the planet on which you’re installing it. It’s large, about 1000 m3. The ships and skills available to me have a max capacity of 700 m3, and that’s only by doing games with cargo skills and expanders.

Um. It is possible that the device can be carried “packaged”, then unpackaged on site for delivery. I just thought of this, I’ll check. See, it’s not a lot of income – probably as low as 100K ISK per day. However it’s money that doesn’t need me standing over it to earn it. Multiple small low-effort income sources add up, and for my goal I need the additions.

But as of this instant I think PI is off the table. It’s back to pure trade and haul.

~ by Kirk on August 27, 2012.

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