Frigate Healers

EVE Online is in the midst of a major revamp of skills and ships. I’m not really going to bore you with that background, just note that what you see if you take a trial right now is going to be significantly different next year.

There is, however, one small piece I want to discuss – because it’s near and dear to my typical play in most games. As a low level player I can now still be a healer.

In EO healing ships are called logistics ships. As of this instant you have to have cruisers – specialty cruisers – and to actually get practice in the game you need to have built up a lot of skills. Basically, if you want to play a healer you have to spend three to six months NOT playing a healer, then you start as a newbie in that ability. Picture, oh WoW players, having to be a level 40 fighter before you can change to being a healer. Tank and DSP Druids till level 40 is another example. And when you change, you’re at level 1. Yeah, it’s that unappetizing.

So among all the changes is the introduction of healer, sorry, logistic frigates for every race. You could start playing with them in practical fashion while still on a trial account. Oh, you wouldn’t be great (at first, though with time and experience and skill points I expect them to have small advantages). But you can learn how to do the job as a relative beginner.

Now I won’t be jumping in during my trial period. Again, this attempt’s goal will be seeing if I can earn a PLEX in a 21 day trial, thus having a long-term “free to play” game. But my favorite concept is now sitting ready if/when I accomplish that goal.

Or more accurately it will be ready. These are changes due this winter – six to eight months from now. If I don’t succeed in my trial challenge I still may be purchasing entry to the game at that time – they finally hit my niche.

~ by Kirk on August 29, 2012.

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