An attempt, and thoughts thereon

So I’ve spent the last week and a half making a trial run at the game. I don’t think I can leverage what I’ve got into the necessary amount in the remaining three days of the fourteen day trial. On the other hand, I got a very long ways toward the goal. Some lessons I learned to this point:

1) I might be able to do it in 14 days. I can definitely do it in 21 days.

2) I need to time my start to get two Sundays, and even better a holiday that’ll see gamers playing.

3) I need to concentrate on the trading. I got tempted to play just a bit with a corp that I thought might help (didn’t), and I tried to make some money cleaning complexes while trade was waiting the next action. The only ‘downtime’ things I should do are missions that improve ratings at my trading station.

4) Speaking of trading station, it’s getting fairly simple. I tried Jita. There was a lot of gain due to opportunity. On the other hand I spent a lot of time dealing with undercutters. One of my problems is that I want a life outside the game. Having to get on every half hour or so to adjust my prices was too much work – and the day I couldn’t put me way behind the curve.

On top of this I figured out I can’t do station trading only. Again I did ok, but it needs a bigger buffer than I had to close the deal — especially at Jita. This means transport. This in turn means I need the largest cargo capacity I can manage. And due to trial restrictions this puts me in one of two ships: the Amarr Augoror and the Gallente Exquror. The latter starts with the largest base cargo, and after development of various skills still has the largest. The Augoror, however, has enough option slots that with basic skills it has a larger effective cargo space. Hitting my other interests, both ships are intended as low level healers – none of which applies to me at this time but worth noting nonetheless.

Bottom line, I’m going into either Amarr or Gallente.

5) I need to pre-load a lot of planning. I need to plan my initial skills progression. I need to plan my ship and gear. And as much as possible I need to research my trade plan.

That last will tell you what you’re going to see in a couple of posts. I just have to do the grunt work.

~ by Kirk on September 11, 2012.

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