More bits and pieces

I’ve taken a couple of additional runs at my little challenge. The most recent did very, very well. Unfortunately I think it is also about the best I’d be able to achieve. And it makes me frustrated.

See, I earned 420MISK by day 14 of the challenge. I intentionally cashed everything out, and then I put in a bid for a PLEX. When I first assembled this challenge, a mere two months ago, I’d have had my PLEX, activated the trial account, and started playing. Now, however, PLEX are running around 600MISK. And barring more luck than I got this time (and I did get a couple of breaks) I don’t see making 600MISK.

So I’ll put the idea on the shelf for a while. There are some major changes to EVE Online in the wind and they may include something that pops the PLEX bubble — if it’s a bubble. If that happens I’ll pop in a trial and aim for the challenge.

I will be talking about some of the changes later. I think the game’s going to have some rage-quitters, and at the same time may suddenly be a bit more fun for current non-players. (Thinking mainly of the people who, like me, drift to being healers first.)

Later, and have fun.

~ by Kirk on October 18, 2012.

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