Breaking Big Revised

Boy, does actually looking help. EVE doesn’t need a new ship or a new weapon system. See, I’d never really looked at the bombers.

Now they’re not cheap, not like T1 frigates. But the stealth bomber carries the bomb launcher – just one, mind. Each bomb does 6400 points of damage. A stealth bomber carries only one or two bombs as they’re rather large. But, and there’s a big but here…

The EHP (Effective Hit Points) of the largest ships run into the millions. It would take more than 600 bombers to take down a fairly well done Titan, assuming all bombs hit soon enough that repair cycles didn’t get in the way. And this is why Drackar was speaking of such a radical system.

I’ll want to think further. My first reaction was to just want a specialized bomb – double the size, quadruple both the damage and the explosion radius. But that’s a bit ridiculous, first, and second it only cuts the number of bombers required in half. Bluntly, to effectively threaten megacorps I think a group of not more than 100 ships should be a viable threat — and depending on a number of factors I’ve not looked at in depth I can see the magic number being 50.

On the other hand I don’t think CCP or anyone else really wants to see Titans totally turned into white elephants. So no three-shot kill-groups or truly magic bullets.

The titan costs money and time to build. The threat should be as expensive in effort, though I’m willing to say a number of individuals acting cooperatively bringing particular toys and the skills to use them should suffice.

More thinking…

~ by Kirk on November 5, 2012.

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