Another go at the supercap solution

So I’ve been wandering around the eve-blogs learning more about the supercapital problem. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that some form of superweapon or special ship isn’t the solution. Ugly as it is, the solution is probably a touch of the real world. It is an ugly word, despised in most game venues and somewhat misused in EVE. I’m speaking, of course, of logistics.

Once you put in logistics you start seeing why numbers of units get capped. You see why so many armies and navies have such large tail to tooth ratios.

Now the problem with really doing logistics is that it can ruin the fun. Make fuel a requirement and suddenly nobody travels. (On the other hand, it creates huge reasons for controlling certain locations – enter as fuel source or as critical junctions to reduce fuel burdens. Just a point.) Nobody really wants to track spare parts and wear and maintenance.

But if you don’t and you have fairly open ended production plus a bit of high end power creep you get the super blobs of Star Fleet Battles or the Supercaps of EVE.

I do not know EVE well enough to recommend a detail. But the general recommendation is fairly solid. Make larger ships – at least the supercaps – expensive to have as well as to build. More than the current relatively small fuel to move it. (yes, CCP tried. But it is basically too small.)

On the other hand logistics done without careful thought continues if not increases the alliance problem to which the maintenance-free supercaps are contributing. More pondering…

~ by Kirk on November 9, 2012.

One Response to “Another go at the supercap solution”

  1. It was the spectacular cost of maintaining and operating them that finally forced the US Navy to permanently retire its last battleships in the 1990s. So there is real-world precedent. Unfortunately, that sort of mundane reality rarely translates into gaming fun….

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