Sorta overpowered and broken. PF, E6

[edited, way late, to say my math is wrong. See Tnelis’s comment below.]

I’ve run across a sorcerer ability that’s sorta broken for pathfinder, especially for E6.

Now there are a few out there who will sarcastically express their surprise. The thing is, I haven’t seen anyone else catch this one, so it appears to be a new sneakiness for people still playing.

Take the Wildblooded archetypes of either Rime-Blooded or Void-Touched. Now neither is a complete loss anyway. But the nastiness occurs when you bring in cantrips.

Take for example Ray of Frost. It’s only a d3 damage spell. It’s got an ok range of 25 + 5 per two caster levels. But…

But Rime says any spell with cold carries slow and Void says an evocation spell carries silence. Which means a 16th level sorcerer can cast a slow or silent spell at a range of 65 feet, DC 18 + charisma bonus, every single round for as long as the engagement takes – and still have a full stack of ready spells for the next engagement.

Oh, a couple of devilish details. The void’s effect requires you to fail a saving throw. Ray of frost doesn’t have one so technically it can’t trigger the silence. But Spark and Flare, also both evocation cantrips, do require a saving throw. And for a player wanting a little off-the-wall, this is one of the places where cross-blooded can work. The Rime adds the saving throw to trigger the silence, which means the ray does double duty. (Let’s face it, 1d3 damage isn’t going to bother anyone.)

Now I won’t be doing this. First, I think it unbalances the game. So does my current GM. And we’ve got some small counter-actions against those who unbalance the game. First is simply ask them not do it or to leave. If they insist on breaking the game when we’ve asked them not to do so, we don’t need them to play.

But for the few times we have to deal with people we can’t eject, we use the Karma rules. No, you won’t find them written. It’s fairly simple, though, and harkens back to the bad old days of RPGs where the GM’s job wasn’t to help everyone have fun, it was to kill the players. For that there are plenty of abuses, the easiest of which is to have the players start running into a large number of sorcerers who also happen to use the silence/slow cantrip. Payback sucks, and the house’s resources are always larger.

But if you’re in a game where being overpowered is necessary or normal, by all means consider this little touch. It can be devastating in some campaigns.


~ by Kirk on January 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “Sorta overpowered and broken. PF, E6”

  1. How did you get a DC of 18+Cha for a 0-level spell? Its 10+Spell Level+AMod, Right?

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