Rambling on E6

So as I’ve said a time or two, I’m getting into an E6 (or more accurately P6 – pathfinder system) campaign.

One of the things that’s already triggered my analysis paralysis is that there’s a really close cap to skills and feats. You go to level 6, and that’s the top of your character.

Now not entirely. You can still add feats, and indeed it’s enough that one limit essentially goes away. You no more need to be careful which feats you pick first in P6 than you do in Pathfinder Society or even the full spectrum. Because you will eventually get most of the ones you want. You only have to decide the order.

Well, not most of the ones you want. If you want stuff that requires a double digit BAB you’re pretty much out of luck.

But that’s the feats. Where things get interesting is skills. Because unlike feats, when you reach level 6 you’re done earning skills. (You can buy a skill focus feat for each skill, but that’s pretty much it.) This… can require a little planning. Because our 6th level characters are going to be traipsing around trying to find and defeat ultimate villains for a while – and if we don’t swim (for example) we’re in a bit of trouble.

We don’t get the massive multiple attacks with great pluses that high levels bring. We don’t get double digit skills that make most of our attempts automatically successful.

It looks like fun.

~ by Kirk on February 19, 2014.

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