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I’ve been playing WoW, now, for… almost two years. Not quite one of the old-timers, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I’ve almost always been a priest, and have run every race except the new ones up to at least 40 (when the top was 60). I’ve had a dwarf and an undead at 60 back then.  My main today is Zingiber, a level 70 Night Elf Priestess on Undermine.  Yes, I said priestess, and I am male.  If this bothers you… Read This.

I also like hunters and warriors (in that order), and my current alts include those classes among them.

I’ve been playing wargames – not computer games, but board and mini and rpg and… just about anything, since I was 16. Since I’m pushing 50 now, that possibly gives you some perspective.

I’m not particularly anonymous, though I’ve a few privacy quirks – you’ll know if you run across one. But this means I’ll share my email if you want to contact me semi-privately. I don’t promise to answer — real life may interfere, as may an inability to form a coherent (or, based on one email from a few years ago, POLITE) response may result in silence being what happens. Rest assured I’ll read it. I just may not respond. If, with that caveat, you still want to write me the address is k s p e n c e r 3 0 7 2 0 AT y a h o o . you can finish the rest. (Yes, this is a test. If you cannot get my address from that, perhaps some work on basic cognitive processes might be in order.)

Since this is the WoW side of things I’ll not bore you with what I do, have done, and hope to do. Just know that I do not live and breathe computer games – or even computers, though there for a while…

Rule one of the game: It’s a game. If you’re not having fun, quit.

Rule two of the game: It’s a game. If it’s interfering with real life, quit.

Codicil to rule two – Real Life may not always have precedence. The game may be more interesting than ‘that party’ for example. But if you’re giving up income and friendships over the game, you may want to re-examine your priorities.

More to follow as I think of it…

7 Responses to “Me, in more depth”

  1. Did you ever discuss the pros and cons of Aldor or Scryer for Holy priests? I looked but did not find anything.

  2. No, not yet. I’ve only been Aldor so far, so I’d hesitated. That said, it may show up as a topic in THEORY – not the first time I’ve done that after all (grin).

  3. Very impressed on your representation of the Older Generation sir. I have been leading guilds in MMO’s since I was 13, and now that I’m 23 I can honestly say that there have been quite a number of older folks that I have to put some special attention on to get the same performance from some of their younger counterparts. I hope you keep this blog going as I will be frequenting it alot more and hopefully adding to some of your useful information!

  4. Hiya Zin,
    Mojo here. I was wondering if I could talk you into posting the straight numbers that we were talking about ingame so that I can more easily respec.

    I did read the article and was suitably impressed and feel this is exactly what I was looking for to help up my dmg and work better in groups with my VT/E

  5. Was wondering if anybody anywhere knew of a good Mage blog. We have great Druid, Hunter and Priest blogs which I love to read but my main is a Mage. Isn’t there one out there with the same quality as PE, Ego, BRK, BBB and the others??

  6. @ not so Stupid mage, I don’t know any, but I’ll tell you how I’d start.

    I’d go to somewhere that posts a LOT that includes mage-related stuff – something like wowinsider – and browse the mage articles. Oh, sure, some of the stuff is useful (and some is not) but that’s your start. But what you’re looking for is sites that are referenced. And you’re going to add those sites to your list, and read all them both to see if they’re what you’re looking for AND to see who they link to. Odds are at this point – the third line of places – you’ll have found one or two at least that seem to Have a Clue.

    And don’t forget to look at the bloglinks of just about everyone. I’m very restrictive on my additions, and the only reason I’ve got some of the non-priest links is because the authors wrote something I considered very important for priests to know. Other people will link lots and lots of blogs they consider interesting — but it’s still not going to be an “oh, you’re breathing, you’re in” list. Thing is, reading all the lists will find you a link or two to mages.

    Third and next to last option is to do a web-search – google, yahoo, or whatever your tool of choice may be – for mages and warcraft. yep, you’ll pull a lot of junk. You’ll also find a few blogs. None have ANY prevetting, so it’s literally up to you to decide if it’s any good or not.

    Finally, there’s the mousetrap method. Start writing your own mage blog, and try to do more than random rants of uberness. Regardless of style, be informative and useful – fun helps, but as you can see from my stuff it’s not mandatory. And if you find something useful – whether magely or not – write about it in your blog with an APPROPRIATE LINK to the originating blog. The feedback usually tells the person you wrote, and most of us will check it out. And maybe even leave the link in the comment. And that eventually brings others to you. Which I find by looking at my stats, noticing who came to read, and if it mentions a blog… I go look.

    All the above — including the last — are how I found most of the people who I cross-reference these days. I now have enough GOOD writers to fill my days. If I’d not committed to trying to get something out on a regular basis, I’d maybe find time to read them all… (grin)

    So, short answer is “no”, but long answer is, “no, but you can do it.”

  7. […] Kirk, the long-time author of Priestly Endeavors, has done what only the truly wise can do. […]

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