Priestly Challenge (work in progress)

A while ago, I whimpered on the Egotistical Priest’s site that I missed having a Challenge Quest (series), something that said to any and all “I know how to play my class.” In the intervening time I’ve seen others make similar comments (though aimed at their classes). In the absence of an official such from Blizzard, I decided We The Players needed to build our own. If you want to suggest, the thread is – yes, I did it out long as well as linking it.

There are two challenges – one for Shadow, and one for Holy.   At this instant in time these are, well, unfinished.  (I’ll edit when I think it’s a valid test.)  These are going to be difficult but not impossible, but will require you to use as many of your skills as possible.  Finally, there are no rewards – not unless someone makes one that crosses servers.  I’d love to have a dedicated tabard, or a shirt, or something — but that makes it official from blizzard (or requires a LOT of work from what is still a small reader base).  What you will have is satisfaction.

Expectations:  you are level 70.  And your gear is… still under debate, but if you can’t yet run heroics you’re not there.    With that, let us begin.  Two challenges:  The Valley of Shadow, and the Mount of Light.


  1. Solo clear the first room of Shadow Labs, non-heroic.  Yes, this includes the warlocks with their pets.


  1. (tentative – solo priest of a 5-man run on an Azeroth 20+ raid.) 

4 Responses to “Priestly Challenge (work in progress)”

  1. Can a shadow priest really clear the first room of SL? WOW! I would go in there to grind rep if I knew that was possible. I think that would still be really tough, even with mostly t4 equivalent gear.

    Kolm – 70 shadowpriest
    Detheroc – PVP server

  2. Yes. But you need to be geared well enough that Kara is in your range, and even then it’s not what I’d call EASY. Hint – don’t be afraid to run out of the room every so often to break multi-pulls, but don’t do it so fast you can’t kill one of the multi’s before you leave.

  3. Mind control anyone????

    ps, a disc factor would be great here, so sort of pvp healing part.

    adone-70 discpriest
    the scryers

  4. Hmmm Interesting. I think i’ll try this tonight. If I had a suggestion i’d add ‘No Mind controls” to the rules. This would be ridiculiously easy with mc… i shall try it without and get back to yas 🙂

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