So you want RSS? – the host of this blog – allows feeds. But the particular template I use doesn’t have a nifty little button. And you want to get this on RSS. How can we do this?

Well, it depends. If you’re using Outlook or Thunderbird as your email handlers, you can set them up to receive RSS feeds. If you’re using IE7, Firefox, or Opera, they allow you to set up RSS feed as well – all with an RSS icon in the URL.

Or you can set it up in an RSS reader of your own taste. If so, you’ll have to add the address manually. It is:

In fact, just about every blog out there that does syndication feeds (atom, rss, etc) can be loaded that way. There can be some oddities – for example, it may insist that instead of just feed you type feed=atom or feed=rss2 – so I’m not promising a darn thing. Except that generally, adding /feed/ after the url works.

One Response to “So you want RSS?”

  1. You’ve probably already checked this, but if you use the “meta” widget in your sidebar in presentation, an rss feed is part of that.
    sorry if you’ve already checked that!

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