Annoying pauses

One of the bad sides of armory is that it updates when you log off. Which can be frustrating when other shadow priests want to review and critique you.

I’m not an expert, I appreciate this from some folk. I’m less fond when they start telling me I need to change gear. I’m especially not fond when it’s not what I’m wearing now, but what my armory shows. Especially when my last logoff was in the middle of the Teron chain, waiting my time at the last quest. See, the ones preceding it need a group. And the group I was in consisted of a hunter, a mage, and two warriors. And me. hmmm, anybody see a healer? Nope, neither did I. So, quick wardrobe change to boost my healing. Bam, my spelldamage drops by almost half and my healing bonus climbs to almost 900. (Lost some when I couldn’t wear primal mooncloth anymore, but since healing isn’t number one for me anymore I’ll live with it.) And then I get on today and get:

“Dood, you need to raise your spelldamage if you’re going to be a real spriest.”

“I was healing a group and swapped gear.”

“riiiigghhhht. Noob, you need to raise your spelldamage.”

As it happens I do need to raise my spelldamage. I’ve said so. But converse instead of lecture. And doublecheck the situation with an inspect instead of relying on armory.


~ by Kirk on July 27, 2007.

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